Improving the Quality of Life

Heal at Home DVD Training

“I broke my pelvis in four places and had to lie flat in a hospital bed for 3 months. I started using Joe Pinella’s exercises about 3 weeks after I was allowed out of bed.They have helped me recover my strength and I continue to use the DVD about three times a week. A wonderful blessing!”
Adele Riepe
Hamburg, Germany

“I am able to walk again because of the exercises you taught me to do for my legs. Thank you so much!
Marian Lupu
Chicago, IL

“As a survivor of childhood polio and as an adult with osteoarthritis, almost all exercise programs I tried over the years were painful and discouraging. However, I cannot stress enough how much better I felt after my first session with Joe Pinella. A year and a half later this healing movements gentle exercise system remains a big part of my life!
Hal Myers
Tucson, AZ

“I was living with constant pain. A friend told me about Joe Pinella and his Healing Movements System. It is now nine months later… and I can now enjoy my usual activities, increasingly pain free.”
Cecelia Thorner
San Anselmo, CA

“I am a tennis pro. My arm was numb, I could not grasp a racket or even shake hands. I was facing surgery… but decided to try Joe Pinella’s healing exercise system instead. Four months later I was back to normal… without surgery!”
Dave Kueffer
Tucson, AZ

“My time with Joe Pinella by far surpassed my expectations! This process built my body, pumped up my energy… and soothed my soul. He is an amazing human being.”
Maureen Botticelli
Milwaukee, WI

“A buddy of mine introduced me to Joe Pinella when he was on a media tour in New York. I joked about my sore back… and Joe showed me a simple routine I could do at home to relieve the pain. In two days I was more flexible… and the pain was gone.”
Dave Foreman
Long Island City, NY

“I have Parkinson’s and need the extra push… especially in the morning. Joe Pinella’s Healing Movements System is low impact, easy to follow… and has been a great inspiration.”
Ann Ward
Marana, AZ

“I’ve had a problem with balance for a number of years now. A friend gave me Joe Pinella’s DVD… with exercises to help improve balance. The routines were simple, easy to follow, easy to do… and very helpful.”
Fran Bowen
North Bergen, NJ

“The system that Joe Pinella has developed is especially good for us older folks. Although it is easy to do and easy to follow… it is actually a really great workout that combines exercise, breathing and balance all together in one great package.”
Richard Mackey
Naples, FL

“In less than two years I had three major surgeries… including an open heart bypass procedure and two hernia operations. Working with Joe Pinella, I used his Healing Movements System to recover from the open heart surgery, to prepare my body for the two subsequent hernia operations and to maintain my health going forward after recovery. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to maintain their good health or who would like to get on track to be more active.”
Gordon Hanson
Madison, WI