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Joe Pinella Helping people heal… naturally!After a catastrophic car accident, Joe Pinella was diagnosed quadriplegic… and told by doctors that he would never walk again. But, against all odds, Joe …


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The Healing Movements Systemdove-60x60


With these slow and deliberate motions, anyone… at any age… can have a great low impact, effective workout… while increasing stamina, endurance and overall energy. Joe Pinella’s Healing Movements System has helped hundreds of people regain an active lifestyle by increasing their range of motion, eliminating pain and improving balance. In addition, this ancient healing art has been proven to enhance cardiovascular fitness, improve breath capacity and decrease the negative impact of diabetes.


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What people are saying about Healing Movements System

“I was living with constant pain. A friend told me about Joe Pinella and his Healing Movements System. It is now nine months later… and I can now enjoy my usual activities, increasingly pain free.”
Cecelia Thorner
San Anselmo, CA


“I’ve done yoga for most of my life, but nothing has worked as well as Joe Pinella’s Healing Movement System to  boost my energy, heal my body and soothe my soul. Thanks Joe! ”
Brianne La Freniere
Minneapolis, MN


“I am a tennis pro. My arm was numb, I could not grasp a racket or even shake hands. I was facing surgery… but decided to try Joe Pinella’s healing exercise system instead. Four months later I was back to normal… without surgery!”
Dave Kueffer
Tucson, AZ